Blog News / Updates


A few updates from the last couple of weeks:

  • Ninos will be starting English classes for the boys in Casa Pescador and the girls in Casa Sonrisa.  They don’t have classes at their school. More details to come!
  • Darryl and Judy were able to meet Sr. Pastor Scott of Faith Community Church in Acampo and he told me how excited they are about helping Ninos. They are the church that raised the funds and framed the dining hall and kitchen. They are sending a youth team in a month. Pastor said they may have five teams soon.  They also met with the youth team and had a chance to tell them the cool things we are doing at Ninos.
  • We received a request from Douglas Carey Pender for the boys and girls of school age, 6 to 12+, for 24 Spanish/English dictionaries preferably the Langenscheidt’s edition Isbn # 1-58573-055-6. Houseparents are included in the total. If you order any on Amazon, remember to use your AmazonSmile account. Of course, it can be one, two or more.
  • We received confirmation that Paola has been adopted. She has made the transition to a loving family.  Her time at Ninos certainly prepared her for this day!

And finally, check out this video. Many of you know the story about 6-year-old Jose Antonio coming to Ninos early this year. He was in a wheelchair before he came and he hasn’t used one since. He has a bad leg from being abused when he was little. It could be a long story, but the video is so heartwarming because it was spring and he couldn’t get up the smallest step without a struggle! Look at his resolve! His Ninos brothers and house parents have been his inspiration!