Sponsors and Special Friends

At Niños, the decision to sponsor a child is also a decision to be part of that child’s life. The love you share with the child you sponsor can actually help in their healing process. Suggested monthly sponsorship is $30 or more per month per child. If you decide to sponsor a child, this is what we will ask of you:

  • Pray for your child regularly.
  • Encourage your child’s spiritual growth. For example, you could send a Spanish-language children’s Bible to your child.
  • Send Christmas and Birthday gifts to your child each year.
  • Send cards, notes, stickers, postcards to your child throughout the year.
  • Send a monthly contribution to Niños to help support your child. Your donation is tax deductible.

Suggested amount for Child Sponsorship is $30 or more per month per child.

Child Sponsorship

Being a Special Friend to a Child

If you are unable to sponsor a child at this time, you may want to be a Special Friend to one of our kids. A Special Friend does everything a Sponsor does – except they don’t send monthly donations. Receiving little gifts and notes from a Special Friend can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

For questions regarding sponsorship or special friends, please email our Sponsorship Team Coordinator, Jackie Short.

Click HERE to download a PDF of our sponsorship brochure.

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