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Other Construction!

This summer has been seen a HUGE addition to Ninos with the completion of Casa Granada, but it’s not the only thing that has been happening.  Here are some additional highlights from our mission teams.

The CrossPoint team modified the old kitchen in Casa Hinton to make a larger laundry room and expand Alma Rosa’s office. This photos show the new laundry room under construction.



According to Douglas Carey Pender, “The tia’s await anxiously for the completion of the expanded laundry room. Thanks to Mrs. Parks 4th grade Southwestern Christian school out of Yuma Arizona, a brand new Maytag 5.3 cubic foot washer was installed. They set out to raise $ 500.00 for a special purchase for HOME NdB and actually raised $700.00. God’s children helping God’s children.”



Another project for the Crosspoint team was to put in forms at Sonrisa (girls home) for their bike path. Another team finished the job!




Ninos welcomed the Verde Valley CC youth team who worked on the renovation of Casa Hinton’s laundry and Alma Rosa Najera‘s office, along with other projects. The group shown is at Casa Granada where there are outside projects needing work.




The Ranch team helped with the building of a new classroom building for special needs kids at the local elementary school. We have several of our kids who will be in that room soon. The plan is for the school director, his family members, and other local volunteers to complete the interior and stucco the exterior before the new school year begins later in August. What a great project this is for the community and so glad Ninos and this mission team could be a part of it.