Operation Christmas Blessings! (Part 2)

Here are more photos from the amazing Operation Christmas Blessings day!

This little girl was ecstatic about her new stuffed animal. We gave out probably close to 1000 of them – from beanie babies to big teddy bears!



One of our supporters donated a couple of hundred backpacks. Another supporter suggested we save them till the end just in case we ran out of some age groups. We did and these saved the day! What a blessing to have these fantastic supporters. So many made such a difference.


More kids and families getting all of their goodies and shoeboxes.






Tarsi’s team built a stage for the ensemble of 13 volunteer Christian musicians who entertained the big crowd at our shoebox event. They put on a good show for kids and their parents.


And check out this video made about the day!

A special thanks to the 8 churches who collected and sent more than 1500 shoe boxes to our big event. These include Cordova CC (kudos for the most), Newbury Park FCC (close second), Yuma FCC, Lighthouse CC (Oceanside), Gold Coast CC, Sonoma CC, Camarillo CC, and Chandler CC. We appreciate the volunteers who brought them down. Of course, the 60 volunteers from the U.S., our staff in Mexico, the Mexican (13 folks) music ensemble, and Hector and Alma Rosa, our Mexican Directors for making it all possible.

We have such great supporters. This could not have happened without all of the folks who made up the shoeboxes, donated nearly 1000 stuffed animals (from big teddy bears to beanie babies), Clif Bars, Wrigley’s gum and candy, backpacks, new testaments, Gospels, and knitted (or crochet) caps.

We do have a couple of hundred shoe boxes left that will be hand delivered to areas too poor to have transportation to Ninos.