Board of Directors

Niños de Baja is governed by its Board of Directors, a group of Christian men and women. The Board meets several times a year, online, in Mexico, or at a supporting church.

  • Andrew Althaus, Board Chairman
  • Michael Yeaman, Board Vice Chairman, Mexico Mission Director
  • Lynne Yeaman, Mexico Mission Director
  • Emily Kendall, U.S. Mission Director
  • Larry Banta, Secretary
  • Lee Falberg, Treasurer
  • Darryl Lloyd
  • Jerry Carey
  • Dale Blankenship
  • Don Hinton
  • Douglas Pender
  • Barry and Cindy Kirschenmann
  • Melissa Everhart
  • Ron and Jeane Hawkins
  • Larry Wenell
  • Mike Wenell
  • Kristee Khleif
  • John Henry