Alma Rosa informed us they got an Urgent call from DIF on December 29th to see if Ana and Rosalinda could come back to Ninos. They said that they wept so much for their Ninos family that their grandmother agreed to have them returned. It is a blessing for Ninos and their Ninos family. It is also a testament by the government to the great work being done by our orphanage/staff! Please pray for these girls in their transition back.

Also, an email from Doug on the 30th about Ana and Rosalinda:  “The kids couldn’t wait for them to come into the dining room. Lots of hugs and smiles. I went over to Sonrisa last night and Ana was all smiles, wet hair and all. When Rosalinda came into the dining room, she was talking up a storm. She could be nicknamed ‘Chatty Kathy’ yesterday.”