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It’s Not Too Late to Help in 2014

Just to let you know you still have time to make a tax-exempt donation to Ninos de Baja for 2014. Go to “How you can Help” for a quick, easy list of options!

IRA Charitable Tax-Free Donations for 2014.
For those over age 70 1/2, it is once again possible to make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts.

To make such gifts, it is important to not withdraw funds prior to a gift, but distribute them directly from an IRA to Ninos and/or other qualified charities. For those with check writing privileges on their accounts, this may be the most efficient way to make gifts directly from an IRA. Check with your IRA administrator or your advisor for more information.

This next year will be exciting as we care for all of these children and continue their healing process from the dire circumstances they have experienced in their young lives.