Happy New Year!!

Happy, happy New Year!

Working on our Highlights of 2014 report for our subscribers and two stats jumped out:  we had 21 new kids come to Ninos this year and 12 left!  Today there are 38. Quite a year and so exciting for all of us!

And reviewing the list of all of the mission teams who came down to Ninos in 2014 and what an amazing number it turned out to be. Almost 50! That is by far the most in the five years we’ve (Darryl and Judy) served. It is because of these teams we have been able to accomplish so much. All of you have made such a difference to our mission and our kids. The love and attention accelerate the healing for our ninos. We are putting together highlights for 2014 which will be emailed to subscribers early in the new year. They will be amazed at what has happened this year.