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Diaper Drive!

Once again, Ninos de Baja is in need of disposable diapers, so we are having another diaper drive and will be bringing them down. The Lord has given us the opportunity to do our part for His children. They have been so abundantly thankful for the diapers that many of you kindly donated in the last several years!

They are in need of sizes 6 and 5. They currently have enough of the smaller sizes. If you would like to help out, you can order online through Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Target, etc. and send them directly to our home. Many have free shipping and we can get you a donation receipt upon request. There are all different price ranges to fit your budget. Even the smallest order will be a huge help! If you would like to contribute, below are some links to choose from.

If you do not have our mailing address, please send us or Darryl Lloyd an email and we will gladly give it to you. 

Thanks so much and God bless!
~ The Cazares Family

AMAZON.COM, Prime (free shipping)
*** Please make sure to choose either size 6 or 5 ***

Size 6, Huggies – $39.09 (140 count)…/…/ref=sr_1_4_a_it…

Size 5 Huggies – $39.09 (172 count)…/…/ref=sr_1_3_a_it…

WALMART, Free shipping on orders $50 or more

Size 6 – $24.86 (136 count)…/Parent-s-Choice-Super-Va…/37792361

Size 5 – $24.86 (156 count)…/Parent-s-Choice-Super-Va…/37792362

Pampers, 8.97 – $33.95 (choose your quantity)…/Pampers-Cruisers-Diapers…/27280915

TARGET – Free shipping
*** Make sure to choose either size 6 or 5 ***

$21.99 (Size 6 – 104 count & Size 5 – 128 count) – Make sure to choose size 6 or 5.…/-/A-16574179

COSTCO – Free shipping:

Size 6, Huggies – $42.99 (120 count)

Size 6, Kirkland – $38.99 (120 count)…

Size 5, Huggies – $42.99 (150 count)…

Size 5, Kirkland – $38.99 (150 count)…