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Homes for Orphans of Mexican Extraction, Inc (d.b.a) Niños de Baja is a Christian-outreach ministry in El Porvenir, Mexico, a tiny farm town 50 miles south of the California/U.S. border. Here, people from Mexico and the U.S. work together to help change children’s lives.

We Provide:

A loving home for children who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned.
-Community outreach to El Porvenir and beyond.
-Opportunities to serve on a mission team.
-A welcome place for volunteers.

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Donate or Sponsor a Child to help fund the ministry of Niños de Baja.

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Other Ways to Help

Sign up on AmazonSmile and choose Ninos de Baja as your charity of choice.  It can make a difference.

Become a Special Friend. Be an ongoing part of a child’s life even if you are unable to help financially at this time.

Donate children’s clothing or other supplies.

Invite us to speak at your church or service organization.

Donation Checks can be mailed to:

Homes for Orphans of Mexican Extraction, Inc.
(d.b.a) Niños de Baja
2390-C Las Posas Road
Box 169
Camarillo, CA 93010

Federal Tax ID # 33-0119870

More About Niños de Baja

Niños de Baja is located in the tiny town of Ejido El Porvenir, in the Guadalupe Valley (Valle de Guadalupe). Most of the people in Porvenir work at the vineyards, wineries, orchards and farms that surround the town.

Porvenir is close to the border (50 miles) which makes travel from the U.S. relatively fast and inexpensive. Leaving from San Diego, people can easily drive to Niños, stay for a few hours, and drive back the same day.

Our mission at Porvenir is to share the love of Christ by serving children in Baja California, Mexico. But, we find that as we serve, we are also blessed. Many people come to Niños throughout the year to help. Church mission teams, interns, family groups, retirees, couples, singles – all kinds of people come for a few days, weeks or months. Many of these folks develop an ongoing relationship with us and return year after year. Over and over, they tell us that being here has changed their lives.

Each year, our work here evolves. We began with a daycare center, and then we added our children’s homes. Now, we also work throughout the community and have become an integral part of Porvenir. We converted our daycare into more housing for our Ninos in 2015 to better utilize our resources.

If you can’t come to Mexico, you can now visit us on www.GoogleMaps.com. Just search for Ejido El Porvenir, Baja California, Mexico. Then, select “Satellite” to see us in living color. As you zoom in, you will see the mountains around our valley, and you will notice that El Porvenir is very small and is surrounded by orchards, vineyards and farmland. Go to the upper right-hand corner of the town. This is where our ministry is located over a three-block area, including all of our children’s homes, housing for our staff, and bodegas, storage areas and workshops.  

Look for the building in the upper right-hand corner. This is our where one of our boys home is located. In July 2015, our older boys moved into this home, Casa Granada. It is much larger than their previous home and significantly increased our capacity to house our older boys. Then look for the building with the “Cross” on the roof. This is Casa Hinton, our main children’s home that house all of Ninos’ toddlers. Adjacent is our dining hall and kitchen that were completed in 2014. Casa Sonrisa is our older girls home. It opened in early 2014 and is at the end of the road from Casa Hinton and on the south side. Immediately across the street is housing for directors, project managers, volunteers and all other buildings. A short distance from Casa Hinton is Casa Feliz, which was converted in 2019 to a home for our oldest boys. Guest housing for 40 is about a mile to the west.