Event and Support Ideas

People and organizations have asked what kind of event they can do to support Ninos de Baja.

Here are some ideas:

  • Sign up for AmazonSmile (works the same as Amazon.com) and designate Ninos de Baja as your charity of choice. A small percent of the sale will be donated.
  • Have a food, supplies, clothes or shoe drive for your VBS project or a group event.
  • Have your church Seniors group or Bible study sponsor a child.
  • Have your group have a theme drive. “Socks for the ninos” or “School supplies for Ninos” or anything needed.
  • Have a new shoes drive and sizes will be provided.
  • Life/small group competition to raise funds for a building project. One church did this and raised $20,000 from 40 Life groups.
  • Bake goods sale. One group auctioned off themed cakes their youth made to support their group.
  • Contact local stores to see if they donate to nonprofits and provide Ninos information if they do.
  • Check our Website needs list and share it at church or with other groups (service clubs, schools, etc).
  • Post specific needs on your Facebook or other social media page.
  • Hold a garage sale to benefit Ninos and ask others to participate.
  • Most banks have a fund to support charities their employees recommend. Ask your bank and tell them about Ninos. Wells Fargo just contacted us for details so they can send donations based on an employee request.
  • Ask your service club (Rotary, Optimists, Soroptimists, Lions, et al) if they will do a fundraiser or show a Ninos video.
  • See if your company has a charitable matching program, and ask to include Ninos.
  • Have a Ninos Christmas party, Easter party, Thanksgiving party to benefit Ninos.